Design Thinking

How to Foster a Mindset for Creative Innovation through Design Thinking


Innovation is a process of creative discovery that favours a prepared mind – a creative mind that is open and agile.

What makes a creative mind and how does it work for innovation to happen? What does it take to foster creative mindsets to drive innovation?

In the design thinking paradigm, divergence, empathy, intuition, creativity and holism are the essential traits to create things out of nothing, and to create opportunities when they never existed. In this paradigm, breaking mindsets is an expression of creativity as it unleashes whole-new possibilities to the way we live, work and play.

This courses covers the principles and concepts of design thinking, interprets its multiple possibilities to bring forth innovative solutions to existing challenges, and addresses the design thinking mindset that is needed to create transformative change to drive innovation. This involves fostering a mindset change and embracing skills sets to foster a new way of thinking about problems and challenges, and the different ways to deal with them. The course is designed to provide you with the design thinking skills to think differently, think creatively, think critically, generate new ideas, solve problems effectively and effect innovative breakthroughs. This includes the notion of questioning assumptions, challenging conventions, asking good questions, thinking critically and intuitively, generating ideas, seeking alternative ways of doing things and creating new possibilities to get work done.

The course will enable you to:

1. Examine your mindsets as the key driver of your intrinsic motivation to effect change.

2. Apply the different design thinking approaches to create new possibilities, change the way you think, redefine the way you work, and add value to what you do.

3. Prime your mind with the abilities for rapid generation of ideas, development of new insights and engagement of intuitive thinking to solve wicked problems in the innovation process.

4. Identify new learning needs, develop thinking skills and devise a design thinking action plan to enhance your professional capability and creativity to transform mindsets.

Your Instructor

Keith Tan
Keith Tan

Keith Tan is a course designer and trainer with more than 20 years of teaching and consulting experience. He is the founder of Creative Nexus Group, an interdisciplinary agency that helps companies learn to innovate. Keith currently develops and teaches courses and workshops on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for business enterprises, multinational organisations, government agencies and institutes of higher learning.